A Short Biography

Michael Magalon approached the artistic world of music by studying classical guitar at the age of 12. At 18 Michael composed the music for the play ‘Couleur de Femmes’ by Jacques HENRARD adapted by Marc GOORIS, as his first professional job.

After gaining experience with a number of bands, he studied at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp. Soon after, he began to play the bass influenced by the modern jazz band Aka Moon and the bassist Michel HATZIGEORGIOU.

Along his musical career, Michael Magalon has played with leading Belgian jazz musicians such as Jeroen VAN HERZEELE, Bart DEFOORT, Stephane MERCIER and international musicians from the rock and funk scene like Rudy LENNERS (Scorpions), Rudy TROUVÉ (dEUS, Kiss My Jazz, Dead Man Ray) and Nick VAN GELDER (Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies).

Michael participated in numerous festivals such as the International Jazz Festival of Liege, the Brussels Jazz Marathon, the MIDEM of Cannes (World Music Market), the Gouvy Jazz Festival, the Jazz au Chateau of Franchimont, the Open Jazz Festival of Louvain-la-Neuve, the Unifestival, Un Soir Autour Du Monde Festival, etc.


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Shades of Midnight

Trafalgar Arches



Trafalgar Arches

Leaving behind the 70's Miles Davis electric influence of the Sinequa album, the 50's are the main inspiration for the Trafalgar Arches project. The idea was to merge melodies with a sound, an atmosphere, an aesthetic of this era with modern time signature rhythms that have been used for most of the compositions. The session was recorded at the Pelzer Jazz club in Liege.

Line Up

Michael MAGALON - Electric Bass

Jurriaan BERGER - Piano

Tom NUTTIN - Drums

Dominic NTOUMOS - Trumpet

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Still exploring the time signatures and the rhythmical vertigoes, the concept of this album is based on pushing the limits, dividing the traditional rhythm section (drums and bass) and becoming a drum less project: alto sax, electric bass and piano

The main achievement has been getting a clear plot of the music whilst disengaging the drums function, respecting the complexity of the harmony in the compositions.

"How far can I push the music to still make it intelligible and understandable before crossing the boundaries to free jazz?"

Passionate explosion of energy. The compositions, as a trampoline, become a base to express the deepest emotions (tension, anxiety, nostalgia, suspense) of the musicians.

This album aims to represent the soundtrack of your darkest feelings, by creating a universe of expressionist music.

The originality of this project earns an invite to the 2007 edition of the MIDEM festival in Cannes, France.

Line Up

Michael MAGALON - Fender Jazz Bass

Georges HERMANS - Piano

Stephane MERCIER - Alto sax

Guest: Marc FRANKINET - Trumpet

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Rak-eel part 3a

Rak-eel part 1

Rak-eel part 2


"In the Belgian Contemporary Jazz world, a few groups like SINEQUA emerge with the new century. In line with a trend originating in the 70's, they offer a style echoing modernity, fed by new energies.

Coming from a diverse background with also diverse experiences, the musicians from SINEQUA are part of the new generation that search for musical images in the boundaries of jazz and world music.

Through refreshing themes, they create a language of equilibrium between rhythmic vertigo, asymetry and suspended harmony.

The band plays around with forms, sounds and rhythms to construct, disassemble and finally rebuild a surprising and generous musical journey.

The musicians of this quartet travel their way between a world of impressions and senses, and bursts of inspired sparks."

André Klenes bassist, composer. Graduated from the Liege Royal Conservatory of Music.

Line Up

Michael MAGALON - Fender Jazz Bass

Georges HERMANS - Piano


Marc FRANKINET - Trumpet

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